«Standard Double Room»

One-room, two separate beds, two bathrooms, TV, refrigerator, telephone. With the provision of breakfast. A…

Забронировать Reservation 17 000 ₸

«Studio room»

Enhanced single room with a queen-size bed, TV, conditioner, refrigerator, phone and a safe box….

Забронировать Reservation 18 000 ₸

«Two-roomed junior suite»

Two-roomed suite (a bedroom and a lounge), a queen-size bed, conditioner, refrigerator, phone and a…

Забронировать Reservation 16 000 ₸

«Standard single room»

The room is equipped with a phone, TV, refrigerator, conditioner and a bathroom with a…

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«Economy double room»

One room with two separate beds, a bathroom, TV, refrigerator and a phone.The price includes…

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«Single economy room»

One room with a bathroom, TV, refrigerator and a phone. The bathroom has a set…

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«Standard Double Room»

Two-roomed (a bedroom and a lounge), equipped with all necessary furniture, including two separate beds,…

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